Monday, March 9, 2015

BOI report on Mamasapano massacre aims for closure

JM, do you know why we are in such a state of poverty and of political anarchy? Do you know why our democracy is one of the weakest in the world?

My son, read our History and you'll find that our democracy is one which sits atop a mound of human bones. We have piled up so many that the souls of those who died tragically continually shout themselves hoarse up to the Highest Heavens, yet no one seems to mind them among the living.

From the very beginnings of this Republic, inhumanity and injustice have attended its inauguration. Several of our patriotic kin died without getting justice.

Do we now continue this with the forty four members of the Special Action Force (SAF)? Do we sweep it under the rug just to please our "partners in peace"--the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)?

Today, the PNP Board of Inquiry will submit its "un-biased" investigation on the incident. Senior superintendent Magalong who heads the board, will submit his report to the President.

At this point, no one knows what are the recommendations included in the report. Surely, like any other police report, there are two (2) kinds of people in this report---victims and the ones who perpetuated the crime.

Likewise, the BOI report did not include a testimony from the President himself because the board did not interview the Chief Executive.

Now, the question really is---what will we do with the report? What if the report recommends the prosecution of certain members of the MILF? Will the MILF submit to the jurisdiction of the Republic of the Philippines considering that the rebel group thinks it is a separate sovereign having been granted belligerency status by Aquino?

The ends of justice actually actually goes and ends exactly at the very footsteps of the MILF leadership. This report can be used to file criminal charges against those who perpetuated this dastardly and inhumane crime. The next question is---will government exercise its strong political will and go after those named principals and accomplices--even if these people are members of the MILF?

The test of this administration remains. In fact, it is just starting.