Monday, March 9, 2015

Will a prayer meeting save Pnoy's soul from damnation?

Pnoy has just called in his spiritual troopers, mostly members of religious groups which already expressed their profound admiration to this administration. Last Friday, Pnoy's cabinet members called on the cavalry from the NGO sector led by who else but "peace adviser" Teresita Deles. Now, Pnoy wants to be close to his spiritual advisers.

Those expected to grace this 3pm "prayer meeting" includes Eddie Villanueva, father of Pnoy's close friend, TESDA secretary general Jun-Jun Villanueva who was one of those who benefited from the PDAF inspite of being the lead convenor of an anti-graft group, CIBAC.

Expected to be there is "Kuya" Daniel Razon, second in command of Eli Soriano's Church of God International, a group which is staunchly, anti-INC (Iglesia Ni Cristo). And there are at least two more from an evangelical group.

I am curious to know why Razon's group is there, since most of those in there are considered "anti-Christian" groups by his uncle, the veritable Bro. Eli Soriano. Soriano has been criticising as "bogus" other groups not just the INC even Bro. Villanueva.

Is Pnoy's soul being eaten up by tremendous guilt after realizing the extent of his miscalculations?