Monday, March 9, 2015

What's to fear when your President says his subordinate lied to him?

Now, it's back to Napenas, after President Pnoy initially said, it was Alan Purisima who fooled him on the true situation of the 44 SAF troopers who went to Mamasapano only to meet inhumane deaths.

In his 3pm meeting with religious leaders, Pnoy accused Napenas of giving him false information, of "fooling" and "lying to him."

This is quite insane and very dangerous, if you ask me.

The president simply admitted his incompetence. The question really is--why did the President allowed himself to be fooled and lied with? If you are a competent leader, the next best thing that any normal leader would do is re-validate the information from other sources?

President Aquino is arguably, the most powerful man in this country. He has in his control, thousands of people. Is he saying that he wasn't able to re-validate the information using other sources? Don't tell me that during the Mamasapano operation, it was only Napenas who knew what was happening? 

Being the leader, the Chief Executive and the Commander-in-Chief, Aquino has both the AFP and the PNP in his beck and call. Likewise, Aquino has billions of pesos of intelligence funds at his disposal. He likewise has the NICA and other agencies and of course, he has his OPAPP and his buddy, ARMM governor Mujiv Hataman at his side, always ready to supply him with information, truthful information.

Likewise, don't tell me that those 12 long hours, Aquino did not think of calling other people to provide him with truthful information to guide him in his actions? 

It appears that Pnoy knew all along what was happening--then, why did he not call MILF leader Al Haj Murad directly and asked him if Murad can command his troops and ask them to stand down? Don't tell me that these things did not cross the mind of Aquino.

Because if it didn't, then, we have a very serious problem of competence here. 

We have a President that is as clueless and as gullible as any other ordinary guy bordering on stupidity.

How many times did other people fool this president? How can you now trust this President who does not even know how to re-validate information given to him? Who believes information given to him and prefers to stick to his guns inspite of the fact that the basis of his belief lies on faulty or wrongful premises?

President Aquino just revealed how incompetent he was and is still is, as leader of this country. How shameful that his incompetence led to the deaths of these men.