Friday, April 10, 2015

10 Reasons why Mohaqher Icbal Uses His Nom de Guerre instead of his real name

  1.       “ Mohaqher” is better than Abu Borat

  1.         “Mohaqher” is sexier than Al Moranas
  2.          “Mohaqher” is easier to write than Ali Ng Esmimo Cabayuhin Co.
  3.          This “Person Known as Mohaqher Iqbal” idolizes ‘This Person Known as Prince”
  4.          Mohaqher is afraid that the public will discover a sex video under his real name. 
  5.         Try to pronounce Mohaqher and you’ll know why “This Person known as Mohaqher” hairstyle is like that.
  6.        This person has so many unpaid loans under his real name. That’s why he told Congress that he cannot reveal his real name “for security reasons.”
  7.       This person idolizes Bong Revilla who even petitioned the court for him to use his dad’s showbiz surname just to win an election.
  8.       Using a nom de guerre is a license for having more than two wives. 
  9.       Mohaqher’s real name is really Vicencio Ganda or Vice Ganda