Monday, April 13, 2015

Pony government entered into a deal with a ghost who maintains bank accounts

Who will save us from this stupidity? I am so ashamed not as a Filipino but as a citizen of this Republic.

For years, government reportedly knew his "real name", and so claims this person known as Mohaqher Icbal. However, the military admits they simply don't know. Who knows? Prof. Sheila Coronel-Ferrer and Teresita Deles only? How about the rest of the damned republic?

Icbal says it's a matter of security. For forty years, says OPAPP propaganda, Icbal has been in the thick of things. Eh, yun naman pala eh. He has been in the struggle for years, sacrificing his life for the sake of the "cause". Ano pang katatakutan niya?

I don't agree with Senator Teofisto Guingona's argument that this use of an alias is a trivial matter. It is not as what they (meaning, government) wants us to think.

And what senators failed to ask "Mr. Iqbal" today during Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos hearing was his true nationality. Iqbal says, he will be willing to reveal his true name shortly after the signing of the BBL. There is a deeper reason for this and which this writer knows but will let this "person who claims to be Mohaqher Iqbal" reveal for himself.

Worse, Iqbal says he has numerous bank accounts under his name. So there. That means that government tolerated this person for so long and probably, even gave him a legitimate government ID to use for his transactions.

Is this the price for peace, that we will allow such travesty of our laws, just to get the support of a rebel group and the passage of an ambiguous law?

Hindi ba pwedeng makuha ang kapayapaan sa Mindanao nang walang kalokohan at pagkapahiya natin bilang pamahalaan? Na kailangang hiyain pa lahat ng miyembro ng pamahalaan kapalit ng isang batas na hindi naman natin siguradong magtatagumpay?