Monday, April 20, 2015

Baiting Poe and Duterte

My source, a good friend from Cebu, validated what many already know--that former Lakas people allied with former Speaker Joe de Venecia Jr. are the ones behind the Mayor Duterte's campaign. Political operators have asked Cebu-based journalists on what they think about the mayor known for his tough stance against criminality. Or so we are made to believe.

So Lakas people are asking Duterte to throw a monkey wrench in the presidential ring ostensibly to widen the pool of choices. There is a reason for that--widening the pool eliminates or eats up the ratings of the frontrunner in the leaderboard. And the objective is also quite simple---to create a scenario which shows the frontrunner losing public support.

Poe is likewise being asked by several to throw her hat unto the ring ostensibly to destroy Mar's chances of getting full presidential support. The Liberals are planning to go around town to explain to the People why we need Mar as president. Who will they explain and face? Their people. Obviously, not us, ordinary Filipinos. Of course, their own people will even clap their hands when LP fields Mar Roxas. Many goodies, but not to be expected to vote Mar.