Monday, April 13, 2015

Justice for Mei Magsino

Former Inquirer correspondent Mei Magsino was shot by unknown assailants in Batangas today. I've known her. And whatever other people say, that she has acquired not a few enemies in her life, what is important is that Mei remained a journalist by heart and by action.

Even if she's "semi-retired" in the sense, Mei can't seem to shake off that habit of picking fights when she sees something wrong. That's something which many people will not understand and probably will not ever understand about us, journalists. We have been trained to spot what's wrong about society and we always make sure that, in one way or another, we'll try to shout it out to the world.

Mei, you will be missed. More than this, we need to fight for justice. Cops should not hold their horses, investigate, probe deep and arrest those who killed her.

Killings of journalist remain a serious thing here precisely because no big fish has been caught by the authorities. No BIG personality has been punished. Every single instance, and killings of journalists have even reached an alarming point, something needs our attention.

That's why I don't understand those journalists who criticise the Marcos regime. Compare this 30 years of so-called yellowish era with that of Marcos' and you'll find the unvarnished truth--that more journalists have been killed compared with the 20 or so years under Marcos.