Saturday, April 25, 2015

Oktaves, Frank Sinatra and the Peso Movement--New, Great Sounds

My almost 10-year sabbatical leave in going to the bars to listen to band music suddenly stopped when my wife and I went to 70's Bistro last night. I expect the usual "sound" laced with the usual lyrics of militancy. What I heard impressed me.

The first band is called Frank Sinatra and they sounded very well. I didn't remember their names but they were both witty and somewhat quirky but highly entertaining. I am looking for fresh, new sounds, and theirs fit my requirements to a "T". However, some of their strains remind me of the Doors, my favourite all-time band.

The next one is called Peso Movement. A Filipino-Brit (?) leads the four man band. Their sound is very impressive, to say the least. It reminds me of the early days of the Jerks. But this band man, they're very creative. I call them lyricists.

The last one which forced me to stay up until 2am is called Oktaves. Ely Buendia, a co-Narrahan, leads the band. Peel off the layers and you have a punk inspired band. There is an attempt to do some "mainstream stuff" and even introduce "Western", which is novel. They are like punks in suits.

Punks in suits, sounds great.

Now, I believe there is still hope for a great revival of the band scene. 70's bistro is still carrying the torch alive.