Friday, April 24, 2015

Bert Lina's ascension as Customs Chief: Sign of Abandonment of Tuwid na Daan and Possible Election Fraud Plan?

Two things--the palace admits that Bert Lina is an election financier of President Benign S. Aquino III and that he was formerly involved in an election anomaly as well as a businessman involved in the freight business.

With his ascension as Customs Chief, Lina's quick appointment was a cause of worry by many. For one, when Lina was still Customs chief under the Arroyo administration, that was a time when smuggling was at its peak. Likewise, Lina is an owner of AIR21, with direct dealings with the Bureau. There is obviously, a conflict of interest.

Is Lina's appointment a sign that the Aquino administration had given up and raised its hands in frustration over the continued inability of the leadership to curb rampant smuggling? Seems like it.

Former Customs chief John Sevilla says his resignation was caused by intense politicking within the bureau. Sevilla also revealed that he is being eased out primarily because he does not want to be a party to requests for fund-raising by certain political forces out to ensure the victory of a hated presidential bet in 2016.

1.5 billion pesos are the amounts of monies generated by the bureau every single day. imagine just 10% of that as protection money, that is more than enough to pay off certain people to keep their mouths shut while certain groups disfranchise the people of their voices.

Sevilla is an honourable man, a great asset of government, in any administration. This is a sad day for all of us, Filipinos, because of the corruption embedded deep into the system, persons like Sevilla who wants to serve the government with utmost honesty are now slowly being eased out and replaced by carpet baggers who knows no rules, no ethics.

Truly, there is really no way out of the rut we are in except perhaps, launch a revolution that would eliminate all these people from the very face of the earth.

Be aware---if and when these people cheat their way in 2016, expect a bloody war that will end all conflicts in this country, I assure you that. Even ordinary people like me, will go out of their comfort zones and militate and take arms against these groups.