Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Liza Soberano--my "it" girl

Liza Soberano--a potential international star
Ask me who among our present crop of young artists has the looks, the poise and the possibility of getting a break internationally and one name comes to mind--Liza Soberano.

Soberano is a class act. She's young, beautiful and has the "it" or "x" factor. This girl will go places. If managed properly and trained, Soberano can actually penetrate the international market.

She looks both modern and classic all at the same time. Her face can very well compete with some supermodel faces.

I believe she needs exposure in the international scene, and if casting agencies or agents will just discover this girl, Liza will find it very easy to get gigs and even film offers abroad.

Or, plan her career, by conquering Asia first, then Hollywood. I think Filipinos out there should help her achieve her fullest potential. Don't follow the career patterns of local stars here. Think regional and global. It would be just a waste if Soberano would just train her sights on local gigs.