Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Grace Poe on the Presidency--Honesty not experience counts. Huh?

Political fireworks had just began when Grace Poe reacted on the statement of Vice president Jejomar Binay about the need to elect an "experienced" man (or woman) to the Chief Executive post. What the country needs, Poe says, is an honest man, not an experienced one.

Bull. Crap.

In government service, honesty or being honest is a trait which is actually selective by practice because of the sensitivities of the post. Are you now saying Ms. Senator, that if elected as President, you'll be honest to a fault? Then, you don't know what you are talking about.

We don't need a nun or a pope to lead us, because politics is not about "good character" or "good grades" in the poor's scorecard. It's about governance. The presidency is about governance.

And even if we talk about honesty, have you been honest to us, the people, about your real citizenship, about what country you owe your allegiance to?

Have you been totally honest in detailing all your expenses as a Senator? Have you been honest that you only get your salary as a senator and not dipped your cono fingers into the honey pot, that is, the people's coffers? Are you sure you did not benefit from the DAP of President Aquino?

How about your husband? Curiously, you omitted the good surname of your husband from your "official name". Why? Are you ashamed of what your husband is doing? What exactly is your husband doing by the way?

Have you been honest to yourself, Ms. Senator? You always deny in public that you are running and now, you are giving yourself several interviews hinting you are now indeed running? Are you now saying that the "Grace Poe" last year is different from the "Grace Poe" now talking and discussing the possibility of running for the presidency just because her ratings have improved?

There are so many things unanswered about your true identity, Ms. Senator Poe-LLAVANZARES. I suggest before you spew out these words, try to think first.

I apologize for criticising you, Ms. Senator. I deemed it my duty as a Citizen of this country not to ever again be swayed by emotions or by a false sense of belief in an individual who professes to love the country while not being totally honest of her intentions to run.

Honestly, we don't need a Poe'r presidency--we want someone who would steer this country to clear waters.