Saturday, May 2, 2015

Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Jr: This is now a question of who's hungrier between the two

The weigh-in has been concluded. Pacquiao got his ideal weight at 145 while Mayweather Jr. put on extra weight at 146. What does this mean?

Mayweather Jr. will try to add one or two more pounds to his frame before fight night. The intention is simple--he wants nothing more than add more power to his punches. Meaning, Mayweather Jr will try to go for a knockout in the early rounds. Why? Mayweather Jr. knows that the longer this fight becomes, the more uncertain his future becomes. A knockdown in the fourth is ideal for Mayweather jr.

Pacquiao trained for a long fight. The Filipino boxing superstar would try and get his knockdown at the last four rounds. He knows that he can't get that in the first four or five rounds. Why? The experts are correct--Pacquiao's punches are no longer as lethal as they were several years ago.

The Pacman is deadliest at the super featherweight level. At welterweight and with age, the Pacman's punches fail to find its mark most of the time.

Mayweather Jr. has prepared for Pacquiao's punches. He cannot avoid being hit. That's why he wants a bulkier, heavier body to be able to absorb the impact of the Pacman's punches. He's not taller than Pacquiao. That's why he needs weight to be able to take what the Pacman can dish out.

Pacquiao Jr. will try to maul him into submission--that's what Freddie Roach and the Pacman wants. Of course, if there is an opportunity, Pacman would try and sneak a knockout punch, but Mayweather Jr is a veteran fighter. He knows how to evade such things.

Pacquiao's best way to win is literally maul Mayweather Jr into submission, which, I think is entirely possible. Avoid Mayweather Jr counterpunches. They have stings in them.

The Pacman can only do that if he is hungry not for money but for glory. At 36, this is the right time for hi to leave the sport which he has loved for most of his life.

Best if the Pacman wages an intelligent fight, avoid being hit as much as possible while dishing out those inches that hurt. Muhammad Ali is best to describe what I mean " Fly like butterfly, sting like a bee."

The Filipino cannot afford a decision, no. However, some experts think that a split decision will be good for the sport ONLY if Mayweather Jr agrees for another shot. If the Pacman mauls him into ultimate submission, then, we may be witnessing the last fight.

If that is so, then Pacman should finish this in the most grand of fashions.