Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pacquiao faces suit over non-disclosure of shoulder injury

I pity Manny Pacquiao. It appears that he probably allowed himself to be part of the system. He has grown so big, and entirely popular that everyone wants a slice of him only to get disappointing results in the end.

I realised that this "fight of the century" is not all about the sports--it is about MONEY. Floyd is right--this is all about that green buck. Look at how everyone tried to squeeze every publicity juice out of Manny to a point of adulating him like a God. Pre and post-fight advertisement kept Manny's bank accounts fat, fat with capitalist lard. With a guaranteed purse amounting to 100 million dollars, Manny has the option to retire and just enjoy a splendid life of a rich man.

But what about those millions of us whom Manny tricked into believing that he is fighting for us? We were made to believe that Manny's fights are all "para sa Bayan", when, in truth, these are nothing but  multi-million dollar fights for him and his team. Nothing changes after Manny's fights. Win or lose, Manny gets rich while we remain despondent when he loses and resplendent when he wins.

Many got disappointed with the lacklustre performance of Manny that they needed an answer. And they got one--a shoulder injury which Manny hid from the public and exposed post-fight. He sustained this injury three years ago, but it never mattered to him except when he suddenly remembered this injury giving him some uncomfortable periods before and on the third round when Floyd reportedly punched it.

How many more secrets does Manny have? How many more that he did not reveal to us, his adoring fans? Now, he faces several suits for not revealing this to the public prior to the fight.

Those who spent thousands of dollars just to see Manny and Floyd fight their guts out, were disappointed. What we saw was a song and dance routine, where two fighters wanted nothing more than sustain cuts in their brows. We saw two fighters doing the motions and spent the time just jabbing and holding and dancing away from danger. They were too conscious about their faces that after the twelfth round, not one of them sustained a gash in his face.  It is as if we just saw a practice bout between two amateur boxers.

Credit that to the thought of these two already fat with money even before stepping into that ring. Obviously, both want to enjoy those dollars they stole from the public without going to the hospital. That explains why Manny continued the fight even, as he said, he was "injured" and that explains why Floyd flew like a butterfly and stung like a baby.

That fight of a century is a trickery, even a "fuckery" if Amy Winehouse (bless her soul) was to be asked. Time for the public to fuck back.