Saturday, May 9, 2015

Poe-Chiz Trial Balloon?

After hearing about a possible Roxas-Poe tandem, here comes another--a Grace Poe-Chiz Escudero or being popularised as "Poe-Francis." Many media friends attest that this is the tandem being formed by most trusted and closest allies of President Aquino. Of course, this will not sit well with the Binay group which continues to support Aquino.

Seems like these people are positioning Poe as a political prostitute. Is she?

Like any other, this so-called "tandem" is just a trial balloon, something being tested by several people. The only question really is, will this tandem be "acceptable" to critical sectors of society, particularly of business? For some members of the business community, yes.

Others say, the Poe-Francis tandem is being floated about to discourage Roxas from running. Roxas knows that he does not have any chance against Vice president Jejomar Binay, who continues to be the frontrunner in any presidential survey.

Is a Poe Francis tandem a direct threat against Binay? At the surface, it seems so, but in reality, it does not.

Popularity does not win elections. Every veteran of political wars out there knows that. You're popular now, but months from now, that's a different case altogether. You could lose your popularity overnight.

Network and a supportive constituency win elections.

Several political analysts think that Poe shares the same constituency as those of Binay and she is the perfect counterpoise against the veteran political campaigner. Well, they can always hope that she does but Poe does not. How about Escudero? Is he enough to trounce Binay in a one-on-one? No.

Escudero may have the best and the brightest political operators but as things stand right now, his network pales in comparison with Binay's.

Now, this analysis would change if Estrada's network is involved. Estrada's political power still exists and packs enormous strength.

If Estrada lends his support behind Poe, that's a different case altogether because that would surely create cracks in Binay's own network.

Admit it---Binay is really the man to beat this coming 2016 elections. Poe is still politically immature. She might be popular in urban cities but I don't believe the bulk of the voting population would rally behind her come election time. For one, Poe does not have anything to prove in the "help department" something very important in any election.