Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Senator proposes back-channeling efforts with China

Active engagement. That is what analysts' propose the Philippine government to do in relation to China. And then a senator, Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. wants to start back-channeling efforts to resolve territorial row with China.

Good suggestion but it's already happening as we speak. Back-channeling efforts have started as far back as Bongbong Marcos' father's time, and look what had happened to us. Most of the islets and reefs that we claimed to be ours have already disappeared and now claimed or occupied by other powers, a sign of how weak we have become in terms of diplomacy.

Had it happened to other countries, there is already a shooting war between China and the Philippines. Imagine, a country has already built an airstrip several kilometres away from your shores and you still want to make "lovey-dovey" with them? Marcos' suggestion is more of a political statement rather than a suggestion of someone knowledgeable about the issue.

Your land has already been occupied by your opponent and you want to still arrive at a win-win solution? There is no win-win solution as far as bilateral relations between China and the Philippines since China considers the Philippines as no more than a small, weak nation, a pest if you will in its desire to set itself as a dominant Pacific power.

There are other "kick-ass" suggestions that it most pertinent to convey to China. The Philippines must register a stronger statement, a stiffer resistance and a meatier engagement that what it is now doing with China. Otherwise, China would continue occupying Philippine territory bit by bit and slow but sure and we'll all wake up with Chinas face already staring before us.