Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Duterte is unfit for the presidency

Rudy Duterte has shown his true colors. This guy is a braggart. He brags about killing people as if he's just killing pests. He just admitted that he's the one behind the controversial Davao Death Squad. In truth, Davaoenos know that he's not the one taking care of this gang, but another petty town mayor of Davao. Yet, he enjoys claiming that he is the one, because that makes him a toughie.

All the more that I'm convinced that this guy is just pretending to be a toughie when in truth and in fact, he just wants to show people that he's somebody to be feared.

Or, maybe, this guy is just trying to appear tough to hide his gay tendencies. Mr. Duterte, do a Bruce Jenner. That would be good for your mental health.

And then when he had already scored media points for his admission, here comes Mr. Duterte belatedly withdrawing his admission all because a lady by the name of Justice secretary Leila de Lima threatened to pursue criminal charges against him.

For years, de Lima has been trying to identify the one behind this death squad which has been known for killing hundreds if not a thousand Filipinos in Davao. These people were already adjudged guilty by DDS and meted with what they think as proper--a death penalty.

Now, because of his kayabangan, Duterte will now find himself in a very serious quandary with De Lima. Well, really I expect this to happen to this guy.

This guy has the tendency of shooting his mouth off, just to impress other people. I'm not at all surprised given that people like this Duterte tries to compensate what they lack in the physical department with strongly expressed words. Someone told me that the good mayor is very small, down there, somewhere.

And kung hindi ba naman sobrang kayabangan, this Duterte wants to run for the presidency knowing full well that he's gonna lose anyway. Why burden us with your despicable self, Mr. Rudy Duterte? Don't anymore confuse the public. Better for you to just plant kamote in one of the rich fields of Davao and forget about gunning for the presidency. You are unfit to become one.

Mr. Duterte, you always shoot your mouth off. You are a brainless buffoon who believes in the Gospel of Violence in the wrong way.

Mr. Duterte, please stop fooling us. You want us to believe that it will be better if we elect you as president because you are reportedly a toughie. A toughie with a political will.

It'll be interesting to see Mr. Duterte crossing swords with the BIG BRATS here in Manila, let's see how tough this Duterte is.

Mr. Duterte, if you're really tough, challenge me anytime and I'll indulge you. Let's see who between the two of us would eventually give up and fear the Face of Mortality.