Friday, May 8, 2015

Sucker Punch and why there is no more reason for a Pacquiao vs. Mayweather part two

Floyd Mayweather just offered Manny Pacquiao a rematch. Yah, after that disastrous May 2 bout touted as a "fight of the century". If that is the "fight of the century", the one that people, boxing and non-boxing fans waited for five long years, a rematch, a repeat is simply, well, stretching our already depleted patience much too much.

But of course, after a year, most people would forget and probably forgive Manny Pacquiao for not telling the people that he's fighting Floyd in his sixty percent, or that Floyd intends to dance his way to the bank. Twelve months are enough for Mayweather promotions and Top Rank promotions to get things heated again, what with their armoury of media outlets out to convince us to watch the real thing a year from now and just forget that May 2 sing and dance routine.

And just like before, they would heat this up to a frenzy and again, Pacquiao's camp would tell all Filipinos everywhere that "he's doing this fight for the Filipino" or what ever pseudo-nationalist rant his publicist would invent and we'll sing along with him, more like before, when he sings out of tune and the rest sang like him too.

And while he sings and makes us believe that he's 100 and 1 percent fit to fight, here comes fight night and we'll all see him struggling once more, a morsel of a shell of the once great Filipino fighter we saw ourselves with several years ago. That's too much refrain. And for fighting like a tweed, Manny gets his billions while we all suffer from his sucker punch.

Enough already, we have been fooled for so long already. Manny is not fighting for this country, oh no. When he entered the ring first time, he fought for himself. When he entered the ring many times after that, it was all about money and more money and nothing of fighting for anybody there but himself. Aside from the momentary spell we got under while he fights for money, there is nothing more to get out of it that really changed our lives for the better. That, too, is a sucker punch because we were robbed of our precious pesos, money that we're supposed to save up for dinner.

Enough already that we're victims of this vicious gambling mafia or that Ilocos sur governor Chavit Singson is the only one who sings a mighty tune everytime Manny fights win or lose. The fact really is, there is simply no reason why we will even, ever think of a repeat of that May 2 debacle. These two fellas have enriched themselves at our expense and for all these years that we believed them and hoped that they will fight like men, they are simply creatures of the system, and they will never ever fight like men because they are simply businessmen in shorts and leather boots.

I admire Floyd for telling us the unvarnished truth at the very start--this is all about money, not a fight between good and evil and definitely, definitely, not a fight between Filipinos and Americans. There is even No God involved here, only the Mammon.

Floyd for me, is a better man (sorry Pacman), for telling us the truth, and not fooling us every single time that he's doing it for the country. Hey, I admire Floyd that he tells us he's doing it for himself, for the money that goes with it. Pacquiao is simply unacceptable. He's a guy who tries to make us believe that he's a patriot when all he does is disappoint us every single time.

Manny is the worse Congressman ever by being the top of the list of legislators with the most absences. Ask me one bill that he sponsored to law, and you'll get to wrack your brains for nothing. He's sponsoring kids to school? Yeah, and whose money is he using?

Manny's sucker punch is most telling and most painful. It pains us because its a fellow Filipino whose doing the fakery or the "fuckery" as what my Amy Winehouse used to describe such shit.