Thursday, May 7, 2015

Koko Darak, err Narak: The Thai Blabbermouth

An uncouth mouth. When Filipinos visit other countries, they are extremely polite and respect the laws of the country they are in. Why? Simply because we were raised by our parents to be respectful of other people, regarding of race or religion.

Now, I don't know about this Koko Darak, err Barak, this Thailander whose name is Prasertsri Kosin. What I heard was he wrote disparaging remarks against Filipinos in his Facebook page and he is now facing deportation proceedings.

Prasertsri works for Cognisant Philippines, a business outsourcing outfit based in Taguig. I reviewed his updates and they seemed to be rantings based on his experiences here.

When he accused us Filipinos of being paranoid and totally fearful of what may happen to us when we walk the streets of Manila, Koko was actually writing about the realities of daily life here. When he narrated how security guards check our bags for deadly weapons, for him as a foreigner, that is worth something ti write about.

Now, people probably took offense when we were called "pignoys." Well, in other countries, being called a pig is an honor rather that a derogatory term. When he describes some of the traits we usually see with other Pinoys, we take offense.

Maybe Koko wants us to face reality and maybe contemplate on how to improve our situation.