Monday, May 18, 2015

Why Binay will win 2016 polls

The elite, the wealthiest of this country will wake up in May 9 2016 with an expected shocker---a win by Vice president Jejomar Binay over Grace Poe. Poe, who is now letting herself be played with and prostituted by these rich game players, will commit the greatest mistake of her career by dancing with the enemies of the people, the very same class of people who convinced her father to run for the 2004 presidential elections and abandoned him in mid-stream. Why do I believe that Poe will not win against Binay?

First, the survey numbers. Binay has been attacked relentlessly since two years ago, yet his numbers have not nosedived as seriously as the others (Cayetano, Trillanes IV, Roxas, etal). Talk about Grace Poe's, her numbers dimmed somewhat last December and January and there was no significant spike in her ratings inspite of accusations against Binay and her highly public yet populist reportage of the Mamasapano incident. Meaning, Poe's numbers are being manipulated to show a rising number of the voter's population reportedly abandoning Binay and going to Poe. This so-called "trend" is based on the popular belief that both Binay and Poe share the same constituency.

Actually, Binay's mass base is dissimilar to many respects with Poe's. For one, Binay is strong in the -B-C class while Poe is strong in A-B. The D-E classes will go the way of whoever between them does some activities that benefit the masses, or who between them did his homework of campaigning and taking his sweet time with the people. Binay has been going around since 2011. He has a very solid base of 21-25% of the electorate.

Second, there are still about eleven months from the 2016 elections and anything is possible to happen. If Poe declares her candidacy come June or July, she will now be very vulnerable politically. She will definitely be hit left and right by her enemies, which is not few. Until now, the people are not convinced of her preparedness, and definitely his mental toughness. IN this critical time of our history, we need a leader WHO WILL STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT, EVEN IF WHAT IS RIGHT IS UNPOPULAR.