Monday, June 22, 2015

Binay quits Cabinet--why now?

Vice president Jejomar Binay has tendered his resignation as head of the OFW and housing sector of the Aquino administration. His irrevocable resignation was submitted personally by his daughter, Cong. Abby Binay. Several sectors believe that this might be the consequence of a falling out between Binay and his erstwhile buddy, President Benigno S. Aquino III.

With Binay distancing himself from Aquino which is a few months away from the 2016 elections, what is the consequence of such an action?

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV says this is a signal for the Aquino administration to go "all-out" against Binay. What does this mean? Does this mean that Binay will be "fed to the dogs"--a validation of earlier fears of the Ombudsman ruling against the Binays and submitting a probable cause charge before the Sandigan?

If that is the case then do we see the Binays behind bars before they file their candidacies before October?

If I'm the adviser of Pnoy, I would advise moving against the Binays because that would be a sign that the move is overtly political. The Aquino administration would be courting danger. That is a self-destabilising move.

Don't count VP Binay out. Binay is a survivor. Binay has so many cards in his sleeve.

One should not discount his years as a politician. His network is deep. He can pull off a surprise.

What the people expect the President to do is prepare the government for the transition. It is not advisable to wage a war when you are exiting from the political scene unless of course, you want nothing more than ensure your fate post-election?

An astute political observer would say that the President should act more presidential now that he has a few months to go. The reason is the Office of the President is not just a PUBLIC OFFICE but the HIGHEST OFFICE of the land. It is not a property of any body or any interest--it is of the Filipino People. Regardless of who the President is, this office should be treated as an INSTITUTION and not the sole property of anyone.

Now, is Binay's resignation a portent of things to come? Do we expect fireworks very soon between the President and Binay? Is this a confirmation of earlier reports that Pnoy has chosen Grace Poe as his candidate and not Mar?

This is a deft move on the part of the vice president. Now, he can go for the jugular. He can present an alternative viewpoint of the successes of the Pnoy administration. But, will this work for his advantage?