Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Forbes park crowd livid over illicit relationship of lawyer with ageing model

Some Forbes park residents who are in the know are livid over this lawyer's illicit relationship with ageing model. Lawyer left the conjugal home and is now living in a posh condo with ex-supermodel, just one or two kilometres away from the house where his wife lives in a modest home along with their only kid.

They cannot understand why the lawyer insists on maintaining this extra-marital affair when he knows that he could be liable for concubinage, a crime punishable by six years imprisonment for him and destierro for the girl. Meanwhile, the girl can very well be charged with adultery by her husband whom she abandoned when she had previous relationships with younger models prior to this recent one with the brassy lawyer.

Several years ago, both the lawyer and the wife were the toasts of the Forbes principalia when they cap a long engagement with a grand wedding. The girl, considered one of the village's most beautiful and the most coveted "it" girl of her generation, was the daughter of a highly respected family at Forbes. The guy, meanwhile, enjoyed the same status, being schooled abroad and finished his law studies in one of the best schools in the country.

Sources say that for the fifteen years that the couple lived together, the guy had at least seven relationships. He had one with a lady legislator, a high profile socialite who was asked by her family to go on self-exile abroad to kick her drug habit, and a model.

Unknown to his current flame, this lawyer had a very interesting sexual tie with the model's younger sister with whom he likewise asked to live in his posh condo at Bonifacio Global City.

If the guy is an inveterate lady's man, the ageing model acts the same way, this time, with younger male models. Prior to her trysts with this lawyer, the ageing model tries to finance the vices of a young and emerging male model from the allowances she gets from her husband.

When her husband discovered it, she abandoned the male model, but it was too late. Her husband went abroad, and abandoned his daughter with the model to the care of his mother-in-law.

Seems like this ex-model is just emulating her mother, who is highly known among socialite circles as the one who snatched her friend's husband. She tries to maintain her high-profile lifestyle with pension from her industrialist lover and some monies from her daughters.

What is so disgusting about this whole thing is that the lawyer reportedly spends close to half a million pesos every month just to sustain the lifestyle of the model while leaving his wife with absolutely nothing!

My sources do not know what will come of this issue since the lawyer goes around town announcing that he's now a "freeman" and annulled from his previous marriage. I sincerely do not know if this lawyer still has the face to show to his friends. He acts like he owns everyone and lies to every single soul there at Manila Polo Club.

Who is this lawyer and his lover, an ageing Pinay supermodel who loves getting herself hitched with younger, Brazilian male models, even now that she's living with her lawyer lover. Sources in the modelling industry are not actually surprised since even at the height of her modelling career, everyone knows exactly those men she slept with while maintaining a Maria Clara image in public. Some tattle tales even describe her as a sex maniac.

Well, if that's the case, then, she got a perfect partner with the lawyer who always brag how handsome and intelligent he is, while his previous partners already know his secret "down there, somewhere." Many of them got the disappointment of their lives when he revealed it "down there, somewhere, somehow.":-)

Well, have you figured the actors in this true to life tale?