Friday, May 29, 2015

The Honesty of Grace Poe and Mar Roxas

In one of the ANC interviews, Senator Serge Osmena articulated one of the observations of the Liberal party on the winnability of their preferred candidate, Mar Roxas. Osmena says, the reason why Pnoy won in the 2010 elections was his honesty. Roxas, says Osmena, has that quality.


Let me put forth some questions to Mr. Roxas and this he should answer with utmost candor and honesty.

1. Can you tell us, Mr. Roxas, who are your financial backers? Does it include mining firms and oligarchs such as the Ayalas who want to maintain their hold in government to corner juicy real estate contracts and maintain themselves in wealth?

2. Will you tell us Mr. Roxas what happened to the DOTC and why did this agency entered into many questionable contracts that are disadvantageous to government?

3. Will you honestly tell us, Mr. Roxas why jueteng lords still lord it over the provinces and not one big fish was caught during your term as DILG chief?

4. Are you willing to share with us, Mr. Roxas what things did you promise to your financial backers the moment you win the post come 2016?

5. Are you really very willing to share with us, Mr. Roxas if you are truly for the restoration of peace in Mindanao and that you support wholeheartedly the BBL?

I will wait for Mr. Roxas' response.

As to Grace Poe, I will ask her just four (4) things and I'll be very excited to wait for her answer:

1. What were the things that you and Pnoy talked about that changed your mind about running for a higher office come 2016? Does it include rewards to be given to the many companies of your husband, Mr. Llavanzares?

2. What prodded you to change your surname from Poe-Llavanzares to just Poe? Are you ashamed of the surname of your husband?

3. Are you honest enough to tell us, please, Mrs. Llavanzares, what did you do in the states and if you really satisfy the residency requirements needed for you to aspire for the presidency?

4. Honestly, Mrs. Llavanzares, do you believe you are prepared for this? Or you just agreed to be used as a tool by the Liberals to destroy the chances of the vice president and muddle the political pond, anyway, even if you lose, you still have four more years to go before you say goodbye as Senator?

Opps! I want to ask ONE (1) MORE QUESTION...

5. Tell us please Mrs. Llavanzares if you're not ashamed in USING the surname of your popular father to advance your own SELFISH political ambition? Are you certain that you have the blessing of your surrogate mother, Mrs. Susan Roces? Why do you go the alternate way and not emulate what Mrs. Roces did when she refused to be influenced by political forces and thumbed down suggestions of her to run for public office?

Sir, Senator Serge Osmena, sige nga, let these two people prove how honest they are.