Thursday, June 25, 2015

VP Binay felt "Bullied" by LP allies of Pnoy--Nognog fights back

So the gloves are definitely off?
Congresswoman Abby Binay says the reason why her father decided to resign from Pnoy's cabinet is his feeling of being bullied. Yep, the vice president felt that the bullying done to him by Pnoy's allies have reached a non-tolerable level. He needs to recover his honour. And being a gentleman and a good friend of the President, Binay cannot simply do that, while he's still a member of Team Pnoy.

Quite understandable. When you're being bullied, the best thing to do is stand up and fight. Our society is filled with bullies. And the only language that bullies know is violence. An eye for an eye then?

Not necessarily. I think Binay will rise above these all. He will not stoop to the level of his detractors. He is a class of his own.

Binay has been keeping his punches for so long a time that it's reasonable for him to consider a time to get back at these cono bullies. Sources say, allies of the VP have been biting their lips for so long already, that they have tasted a lot of blood already. They wouldn't mind tasting the blood of others, especially those members of the Liberal Party who reportedly spent millions of pesos just to destroy the good name and reputation of the country's second most powerful Executive.

The speech of the Vice president is really very effective in terms of convincing the masses of the true state of the nation---governed by an administration that is described as "palpak" or "inefficient" and "manhid" or "unmindful."

For most citizens, these two terms are very powerful when used in context.

These two terms describe a cono administration--which were descriptions of previous governance experienced by Filipinos.

The Ilustrados once described the colonial government as palpak and manhid. Same goes to the government which former Senator Benigno Aquino Jr experienced during his lifetime.