Friday, June 26, 2015

Pony hits Binay says VP is ingrate

President Pnoy hits VP Binay yesterday accusing the vice president of being an ingrate. Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda and DILG secretary Mar Roxas meanwhile put the VP to task for not discussing his gripes against certain acts of the administration during the time that he was sitting in the cabinet.

Messrs Roxas and Lacierda, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to believe what VP Binay said about this administration--of it being "inefficient" (Palpak) and "Manhid" or "uncaring" or unloving. Just open your eyes and take a look around.

You see long lines of MRT/LRT commuters waiting for their time to ride LRT/MRT trains, which usually conks out after several meters of run. You see roads filled with cars along EDSA. You see non-functioning traffic lights. You see roads filled with diggings and areas without roads at all. You see ageing bridges and areas without bridges at all. You see cars without license plates because motorists are waiting for their release from LTO. You see SSS members not having their IDs for ten months after they applied. You see pensioners not receiving their pensions on time.

These and many other things are proof enough of the inefficiency in government service.

You see government not taking action when one or some of its close allies encounter graft cases. You see port congestion. You see 12 million Filipinos trying to eck out a living out of scrap every single day.

Now, why did Pnoy accused Binay of being an ingrate? Is it because the VP told him or the public the truth? Is that a conduct unbecoming of a government official? No. VP Binay is just telling the truth.