Saturday, July 11, 2015

On Kobe Paras and How Excellent His Father is

Kobe Paras is one of those rarerities now of a son following closely the foot steps of his illustrious father, Benjie. As a dad myself, I am always in the opinion that my kids should step up, out-grow and try their best against what I have achieved in my life. One's kids should be better than their parents. That's how families grow not just in prominence but in wealth too.

I envy Benjie because despite being a single parent, he was able to raise a beautiful son in the person of Kobe. I'm trying it very hard with my kids right now. I want them to be better, achieve more and suffer none of the hardships I faced when I was growing up.

My circumstances were different. I grew up without a father. My grandmother, aunts and uncles and a hard-working mother raised me. Early on in my life, I struggled very hard. Whatever I do, I make sure that I give my best. I might have lacked money, but I compensate with patience, steady labor and a strict code of conduct which guide me to get the best results. While others read, I read more. I should always be two or three steps ahead. That's my philosophy in life.

I've been trying very hard to give my kids a most comfortable life. I saved up and allowed them to study in private schools. I make sure that they have clothes, and eat enough to make them strong and healthy, stronger than me.

However, in spite of my strivings, what do I get? Two dissenting and rebellious kids. A disrespectful kid who even had the gall to tell my wife that she can't wait to grow up and do the things that my wife does to discipline her. And another boy who even fought me! Imagine, a kid throwing punches against his father? Fortunately, I am not that weak a person and punched him to sanity. I may look like a geek,  but I was schooled at the University of Hard knocks! I know how to defend myself. I know Martial arts and I know how to knock out my enemies. When I was still a teenager, I had my share of fights and surely, during my college days at the UP, I had my fair share of rumbles and wins tucked in my belt. My son is taller than me but I was able to punch him and he stumbled back. While lying at the bed, he was kicking me but I was able to subdue him and I wrestled him while punching him in the face. He does not know that I know judo.

How do you treat someone, your kid at that, challenging you to a fist fight and even threatening you with harm? You might say it's child abuse, but as a father, how do you discipline a kid who is so full of himself, he thinks he is now ready to challenge your authority? Sometimes, you need to stand up against your own flesh and blood especially if he's doing the wrong things.

I will not allow any person to be a potential threat to others, even if that person happens to be my kid. I will not allow anybody to disrespect my wife, even if those who do so happens to be my own flesh and blood.

That's why, for fathers out there encountering the same thing with their overbearing child, do not allow them to do these wrong things. Stand up. Best to correct these kids now before they become a menace to society.

I commend and praise Benjie for raising his kid the proper way. I simply don't know what to do. I thought I was doing the right thing--saving up, giving my kids a better life, and asking them to study in better schools. But, no. They're growing up the wrong way.