Friday, August 28, 2015

Grace Poe really jumping into the presidential fire

ABS-CBN reports that Grace Poe, along with several other political allies, is now barnstorming in the provinces in an apparent bid to "determine the people's pulse."

Bull. Crap.

Poe says she wants to know if the people "love her." Excuse me, Mrs. Llamanzares, but this presidential run is not about the people loving you. We don't need a leader whom the people love. We need someone capable of representing our interests as a people, and frankly, in my book, you simply do not have the capabilities or the right motivation to effect change in this country.

Capability-wise, compared with other candidates such as Mar Roxas, VP Binay, Duterte, Panfilo Ping Lacson, and Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos, you lack the experience, the wit and even the breadth of understanding and patience of the dynamics of politics. Yes, you understand the dynamics of transactional politics, which, to your mind, is enough to weather you if you win this post. Sadly, the presidency is simply a different ball game altogether. It is not as simple as an MTRCB post or as crudely political as a Senate post, no.

Of course, you probably think that such a simple man as Benigno "Pnoy" Aquino III can hack it in spite of having a spotty mental record, you can do it as well. That is simply not the case here.

Aquino's family was cut out for politics, yours is not. Do not be misled and believe that running government is like running showbiz ness, or like running FPJ productions--those two worlds are simply not parallel ones. Besides, for the record, you did not get the chance to run FPJ productions simply because, admit it, when your father was still alive, he did not forget that stunt you did last 1991 when you abandoned your studies in UP and decided to migrate to the US despite the loud protestations of your father. Your adopting father loved you, but did you really love him back?

I sincerely doubt it. For one, you did not even vote for him when he ran for the presidency in 2004. Why? Because back then, you were still an American citizen. If you really loved him and really intended to support him, then, why did you not re-acquired Filipino citizenship in 2003, the very minute FPJ declared his intention to run for the presidency? You waited for him to die first before going back to the country which nurtured you before but you abandoned because of your selfishness.

Who will benefit in case you win? Obviously, you will leave it to your mentor, Senator Chiz Escudero and his henchmen, along with several big businessmen with political ambitions to manage and govern this government. Frankly, it does not sit well for many people. Ask Serge Osmena, mam.

Why leave government in the hands of a pseudo-leader and reputedly a megalomaniac according to several people? Are you saying that the likes of Ramon Ang and the Zamora brothers will definitely be more visible in the affairs of the state when you win? Such a scenario will definitely feed this country to the dogs, Mrs. Llamanzares.

Such big businessmen such as the ones I mentioned here have their own business interests to attend and pursue that is the reason why they are supporting you, because, right now, you are popular. Wait til your ratings go down further South and such calls for you to go and run for the top post will slowly fade away like snow flakes.

Mrs. Poe-Llamanzares, honor the memory and the legacy left by your adopting father. Do not go the way of the trapos. They are the very species which your father tried, yet failed, to defeat last 2004. And you had the gall of telling us that you intend to continue his legacy? In the first place, do you really know what you are claiming in public?