Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ronda Rousey defeats Bethe Correia in 34 seconds

I thank God because God gave me the chance to see and watch an amazing fighter in the person of Ronda Rousey, the MMA female champion in the Bantamweight division. Rousey is the most dominant female fighter in the world today, and it is very interesting watching her and I believe there are several important lessons to be derived from her life.

Ronda came from humble beginnings and began her involvement in the fighting arts at a very early stage. That actually made her what she is today---a focused, highly disciplined individual. She is definitely the most dominant because she is a rational fighter. She is so into the arts and science of fighting that she puts to good use her sharp instincts with those of her skills honed from years of practice. There is a beautiful marriage between skills she learned through the years and the natural instincts she has in her as a former club bouncer that putting down her opponents seemed too easy and too natural. Of course, other fighters would have found it extremely difficult but for her, it was just one of those days.

What I liked about her is her strategic approach to fighting. During fighting, Ronda is very much aware of her environment. She actually sees the landscape and thereafter, assesses what needs to be done. Her intuition is very sharp. Watch her fights and Ronda always rarely closes her eyes. Not other fighters. They lose focus the minute they get hit. For Ronda, getting hit is nothing personal--just strictly one of the things you normally get when fighting. Instead of affecting her, those hits actually motivates her to stay on the course, and do what she planned to do.

In her latest fight against trash talking Brazilian fighter Bethe Correia at UFC 190, Ronda admitted being reckless and committing several mistakes but she still won. Ronda won because she was emotional before, during and after the fight. Being emotional takes you off your fight, but because Ronda is such a very experienced fighter, her emotions just makes her hungrier and more determined to punish her opponent into submission. This is what she did with Correia who, before the fight, was attacking her father and telling Ronda that she is the one who will defeat her. Well, when someone trash talks and uses her mouth to psywar her opponents, the truth is, those kinds of fighters use verbiage to hide their inefficiencies. Deep inside, Correia actually fears fighters such as the likes of Ronda.

Ronda's next opponent is Misha Tate whom she defeated before after three rounds. Ronda is confident that she will again defeat Tate. She will then make a movie and wait for another chick to emerge from the woodwork at MMA.

Great job, Ronda.