Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Grace Poe is a tease dangerous to the touch

Are we so desperate that we will accept a person with a highly dubious citizenship to lead our Republic? Are you also telling me that even right-minded people and those who believe in Socialism would vote for someone who once renounced her being Filipino just to spite someone whom some perceive to be a corrupt government official?

Are we throwing our sense of Nationalism away because the list is so limited and we are forced to elect the least evil among those who are aspiring for the top post?

Many rich names are rooting for Mar Roxas and Grace Poe, which is understandable since both belonged to the moneyed and highly influential mob. Poe's supposed meteoric rise to the top choices is an obvious deceit but of course, no one would definitely say that! Poe is like a kid now, being teased by several men. And I think she likes it. The fact is, Poe is even doing the teasing herself.