Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Critical mass for Grace Poe? Where? Where are these people?

Who is this so-called "political analyst" from La Salle who says Grace Poe has the "critical mass" to overturn Mar Roxas and Jejomar Binay? This analyst is no analyst, but a pseudo-analyst.

First, when you say "critical mass" what do you mean? Second, where is this critical mass you are saying? Where are they? Why are they amorphous? What areas in the Philippines do they reside and mass?

Poor Filipinos! We are being fed such lies and we are being made to believe of the strength of this Poe character. For one, just look at the survey ratings and you'll find that Poe has already reached her maximum rating at 27% and she's going South faster than Roxas. Roxas' ratings are improving because of her no-nonsense political ad.

Roxas and Bongbong share the same dilemma--they are both qualified and bright yet, people find it extremely hard to identify themselves with them. Credit that to the inability of their PR handlers to find ways on how to establish a strong brand identity for them. Their communication handlers must be replaced with others who think in a disruptive way.

That is the advantage of Poe--she has handlers who know. The only thing is, her handlers are no match to the one-man army that is Lito David. I don't know who handles David, but that guy is sure to know exactly how to conduct a campaign. Whoever is this guy behind David--he sure is a master of strategic communication because without funds I presume and only in a span of a few weeks, he (or she) has wrecked havoc Grace Poe's immaculate halo, so to speak.

So much for critical mass. This machinery that Grace Poe is boasting about, will sputter and die even before the elections, and goodbye to the millions which Ramon Ang and the Zamora brothers gave to her. As they say, when the perception is, you have the monies, where would the flies go? You guessed right. However, that will never be able to win the elections. You may be good at campaigning, but the final result is in the last stretch.