Thursday, September 17, 2015

Grace Poe's "Promising" Start and Chiz Escudero's hubris-filled "humbled" speech

Twice I listened to Grace Poe's speech and frankly, it was a hodge-podge of claims, problems and what-have-yous that every single one of us has been harping about since Day One of the Philippine Republic.

The worse that happened was there was nothing new about Poe's prescriptions and even those solutions which Poe wanted was, again, a hodge-podge of patchwork, a product of a confused mind. No maverick solutions. No solutions worthy of a trademark.

However, it achieved what Grace Poe wanted---a "promising" start.

That's the problem with a media creation---we are being made to believe that this one is one Joan of Ark, when in truth and in fact, this one is the local version of Joan Rivers (bless her soul!).

Grace Poe's fantasies seemed to conjure images of PandayLand, where Grace Poe brandishes the Panday sword and slays all those pitiful manananggals or Lizardo's horde of dead men. That's exactly my issue with people who fantasize more than an average person---they simplify things often that they think that the job of the President is as simple as occupying a directorship in a corporation.

Po(o)r favor Poe! You are being made to believe that you can do it when in truth and in fact deep down you know that you are not ready.

The affair in UP looks like it was rushed. Why? Several people think that Grace Poe wants to influence the Senate Electoral Tribunal where her disqualification case is being heard. Poe's handlers fear that they will not be able to muster enough crowd power to neutralize the minute the SET hands down an unfavorable decision.

Meaning---what Poe is actually doing with her premature pronouncement is to pre-empt a loss at the SET. Her handlers will simply project that she has strength in numbers and that she cannot be unseated.