Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Grace Poe-Llamanzares husband still American citizen working for San Miguel Corporation

Do you know that the husband of Senator Grace Poe-Llamanzares is still an American citizen? Yes, when Grace submitted a petition for re-acquisition of Filipino citizenship, she only submitted hers, along with her kids but never her husband, Teodoro Neil Llamanzares.

This was what the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) discovered.

Neil, by the way, is a Filipino born in the United States. His status is purely American. He did not undergo the process of naturalization. He was once a member of the US navy.

He is now working as the Chief Information Officer of San Miguel Corporation, whose owner, Ramon S. Ang is the chief financier of Grace Poe's campaign. Poe is supposed to declare her run for the presidency tomorrow, September 16, 2015.

So you know who will greatly benefit if Grace Poe runs and wins the presidency come 2015. Poe-Llamanzares is hawak sa leeg ng San Miguel, now the country's biggest conglomerate involved in mining, not just in food and beverage.

Remember very well that San Miguel Corporation (SMC) has many pending infrastructure as well as government projects and contracts. 

The question really is---is Neil working with a working visa? 

Besides, when Neil took part in the senatorial campaign of Grace Poe-Llamanzares last 2013, the Comelec should take a very keen look if there was an electoral law that was violated.

Take a look at Neil Llamanzares' Linkedin profile and you"ll see that he began working for San Miguel Corporation in July 2006---the same month and year when Grace Poe began the process of re-acquisition of her Filipino citizenship.

Her Certificate of Live birth shows the date December 2006---so, the question really is---what birth certificate did she presented to the Bureau of Immigration when Poe-Llamanzares petitioned BI for re-acquisition of Filipino citizenship?

When Grace Poe ran and won the 2013 Senatorial elections, Neil was working with San Miguel Corporation as an Chief Information Officer of the SMC telco. His profile says he began the job May 2012 up to September 2013--so meaning, he helped the campaign of Poe-Llamanzares while he was working for San Miguel Corporation.

His profile now says he is just an IT special consultant to the Chief Executive Adviser of SMC in  preparation for Grace Poe's eventual run for the presidency.

By the way, I heard from reliable sources that Grace Poe's publicity is being handled by Yolly Ong of Campaigns and Grey, the outfit which proudly claims to be the "brains" behind the electoral victory of President Pnoy.