Monday, September 14, 2015

Inconsistencies in Politico's Advertisements

Time to get on my troll cape and express my thoughts on several TV advertisements made by certain politicians running for office this 2016.

1. Senator Grace Poe's "walang maiiwan" TV commercial.

President Obama's handlers should cry "foul." First, the commercial is obviously a copy of the one used by Obama during his campaign. Even the last line of the commercial is an obvious copy " walang maiiwan" is the Filipino transliteration of " no one is (to be) left behind."

And, honestly, Poe's last dig is well, entirely ironic. Who left who? Is'nt Grace Poe herself who left us in the lurch when she swore allegiance to the US flag in 1995? And now she comes back and wants to be President after being an American?

2. Cong. Mark Villar's "basura" commercial

That is exactly how I describe this latest commercial of Senator Manny Villar introducing his son, Mark as his "successor" at the Senate. First, just look at the commercial---those kids whom Villar used in his previous 2010 commercial living a hellish life in the slums are back! The ad is totally trash and devoid of any creativity at all. One of my relatives even remarked that " Hindi ba mahiya si Villar at ginagamit na naman ang mga mahihirap para sa kanyang kampanya?"

And just look at the irony of it all---the very same kids in their most deplorable situation, remains the same kids right now smiling and welcoming the Villars. Nothing has changed in their condition. Inspite of the Villars entering the Senate more than a decade or so ago, the conditions that spurred poverty and people living in dumps remain.

This ad makes you realize the futility of the elections as a tool for change because inspite of the election of  Villar "who is one of them", the same deplorable conditions exist. That means, even if we increase the number of Villars in Senate, people will remain poor and destitute because of people such as Villar whose interests are diametrically opposed.

3. Bongbong Marcos' " selfie" commercial

Many people admire Bongbong Marcos Jr. He exudes youth, intelligence and what have you. However, these traits were not reflected in his recent commercial. It was a "pabebe" commercial, a trying hard attempt at making him look younger when it is not his problem why he's so low in the list of preferences for the presidency, no.

In this day and age, when most politicians are trying very hard to be "in" and dishing out very strong commercialized advertisements, Bongbong Marcos' commercial should stand out by showing unglamourous and un-glossy ads. Instead of showing a commercial that fits into his true personality as an intellectual, BBM's commercial was a "selfie". Hindi ba sila nagbabasa ng research about the psychological profiles of people prone to "selfies"? Mapagkamalan pang Noynoy copycat si Bongbong.

4. Cayetano's " sabi ng tatay ko" commercial

Another addition to the necropolitical advertisements is this "sabi ng tatay ko" commercial of Senator Alan Peter Cayetano.

I don't know if you know or if his father, the late Companero Senator Rene Cayetano also told him never to be an ingrate because what Alan Peter did to Enrile was a strong political move rather than a conscience act.

Did his father also taught him never to fool people into believing that Taguig is a model city? Taguig is not a model city but a city of contrast. I'll explain in another post.

How about the BW scandal, did his father, the late Rene, explained to Alan Peter why he was'nt able to pay his stocks to Dante Tan and how his father used his position as Senator just to have a reason not to pay the stocks he purchased back then.That BW or Best World manipulation scandal was just twelve years away, and it is still fresh to the memories of most people.

Or did his father ever mentioned the word "political dynasty" or nepotism? How about manipulation of votes just to maintain someone or his own self in power?

Cayetano is a chameleon par excellence. He copied Mar Roxas' palengke commercial in his previous one. and he is now doing a Grace Poe, when he did this commercial. That's the problem with Cayetano--walang paninindigan, no principles at all.