Thursday, September 24, 2015

Heneral Luna: I salute the producers of this movie!

I read in the Philippine Daily Inquirer that when the producers of the movie, " Heneral Luna" first met to form the production outfit, Artikulo Uno, they agreed upon themselves to produce a "fuckin damned" Filipino-made movie. After spending 80 million pesos, they came out with this film which is not just fucking damned---but fuckin damned and notoriously excellent!

Heneral Luna should be the standard of all other Filipino films being megged right now or being planned. Tight script, excellent cinematography and not one artist miscast-ed, Heneral Luna is a film that says what it wants to say without sounding offensive.

What I fear though is that people would remember the smart quote in the trailer rather than what the entire film is all about. Heneral Luna talks about the continuing treachery of the elite--something which arose as early as 1892 but manifested its ugly head only in 1898 onwards. Luna was one among many Filipino leaders who fell victims to the treachery of their compatriots.

One famous victim was, of course, you know, Andres Bonifacio. Bonifacio, the second Supremo of the Katipunan, was tricked by Magdalos, shot in the neck, dragged to a rump court, given a death sentence and was buried in a shallow grave somewhere in the jungles of Maragondon. In my book, "Bagong Istorya", as early as 1892 when the Katipunan arose from the ranks, several traitors were already identified yet the Camara Reina failed to arrest and executed. General Emilio Aguinaldo was one of these traitors, who as early as 1894, tried to wrest control of the revolutionary government from the true Nationalists, and thereafter, make it as a tool for negotiations with the ruling Colonial Powers.

Heneral Luna was described as an opposite of Bonifacio in demeanor--hot-tempered, boastful, etal. These character