Thursday, September 24, 2015

Grace Poe's financier tries to pressure Sheryl Cruz to retract statement of non-support for Poe

I shudder what would happen to the Philippines should Grace Poe wins the presidency. She is still a presidentiable, yet her minions are acting like she won already.

Look at how they treated Sheryl Cruz, cousin of Poe. In various interviews, Cruz revealed that Poe's financier, Tony Tuvera, was the one who asked her talent manager to drop her from his roster of talents. Cruz also identified June Rufino and a certain Dolor Guevarra as those who tried to pressure her and her talent manager.

Was there any earth-shaking event or incident or even a very incendiary statement that she issued against Poe that took the goat out of these people?

" Wala, I just granted a reporter an interview and it so happened that the reporter asked me what is my take on the issue of Grace running and I just expressed my own opinion, and that is it. They have wanted me to retract since last week. Am I not entitled to my own opinion? " says Cruz in one of her interviews.

Imagine that--- just one citizen just expressing her views and Poe and her minions want her silenced?! And to think that Poe is reportedly supporting the FOI--probably her totalitarian version.

How impertinent these people are for trying to curtsy Poe's good side at the expense of violating the rights of others.

I am doubly fearful of a Poe presidency, because at this early, Poe's closest friends are acting like brats. What more if Poe really wins? They would deprive thousands even millions of their livelihood all because someone reacted negatively against her.

Poe denies her biological ties with a dictator, yet I do understand now why Poe is always, always being compared with the former dictator---because her close friends know how her true personality is exactly like that of the dead man.

The fact is---Poe does not need a DNA test. Her behaviour is proof positive of her lineage as likened to the late strong man.