Thursday, September 10, 2015

Necropolitics in Philippine politics: Poe, Cayetano, Roxas, Villar, even Bongbong--guilty of necropolitics

Do you know the latest politician to use his dearly departed father as peg for a commercial? Yes, you guessed right---its the Albano Senator Alan Peter Cayetano. For want of a brand, Cayetano is showing his desperation. And like Senator Grace Poe, and Pnoy, these people are harping on the achievements of their predecessors just to prop their own.

Poor boy.

Grace Poe is becoming a victim of her own popularity. People online are constantly talking about her, about her true origins and about the truth behind her reason for running for the presidency. Like Cayetano, Grace Poe is a promoter of necropolitics. She always invoke the name of FPJ and even tries to convince us that her adopting father taught her this and that.

Really now, Grace Poe does not have the experience or even the intelligence to qualify for the presidency. Poe knows it and slowly her being a TraPOE is beginning to show.

Who also did the same thing? Don't forget Mar Roxas too. Early on in his campaign, there was an ad showing the achievements of his brother as well as his father and grandfather, all TItans of Philippine politics. What he failed or probably did not realize is that he just resurrected a widespread perception of him being a poor copy of his ancestors. Compared with the likes of Gerry Roxas or Manuel Roxas, Mar acts and appears less than the promise these people had when they were still living and serving as politicians.

Although not in advertisements, but Bongbong Marcos also used necropolitics in communicating with people. Necropolitics is haunting him---in a positive way though.

Binay, in his 2010 campaign, I remember also did the same thing---using his previous life experience to connect with the voters.

All of these candidates just show how desperate they are right now just to win the 2016 elections.


MAR ROXAS's real name is MAR AHAS