Thursday, September 17, 2015

Trouble in Grace Poe Family---I told you so

An ABS-CBN reporter says all members of Grace Poe's family are solidly behind her bid for the presidency. Is that true?

No. We were taken for a ride. And I just don't blame ABS-CBN reporter Mario Dumaual. He forgot to count.

And what is this I heard? The Poes who attended the political rally were all American citizens. They probably forgot that they don't have any business attending a political rally since they are foreigners. Hey, paging the Bureau of Immigration chief Siegfred Mison! 

And what is the additional thing I heard? Grace Poe lied when she told everyone that she was at FPJ's death bed. Sheryl, her cousin, denied that and said that Poe was thousands of miles away when the icon died. You know why she knows? Because Sheryl was at her uncle's death bed when he heaved his last breath. 

What other lies did Grace Poe told us and we were pitifully mesmerized that we just accepted hook, line and sinker?

Cousin Sheryl against Poe’s presidential bid

By John Paolo Bencito | Sep. 17, 2015 at 12:01am 
Not all members of the Sonora showbiz family to which Senator Grace Poe belongs are in favor of her quest for the presidency in 2016.
Actress Sheryl Cruz, a daughter of Rosemarie Sonora and a cousin of Poe,  on Wednesday said that Poe is not yet prepared for the highest post in the land.
“She’s not yet ready for the task, for the big responsibility. Everybody in your family is special to you [but] you don’t want to see somebody having a hard time most especially running the country,” Cruz said.
“I know her because we grew up together. There are actually things that you have to actually wait for,” Cruz said in an interview.
Cruz, who campaigned for and sometimes represented Poe on the campaign trail  before the 2013 senatorial elections, said that while she acknowledges Poe’s capabilities, she believes that the neophyte senator still needs more time to prove her worth as a public servant.
“My cousin’s a neophyte. Yes, it’s nice to have fresh faces in our political arena, but it’s best to hone what you have [first],” she said.
Cruz said that she would like to entrust the presidency to candidates who are “more experienced” than Poe, like Vice President Jejomar Binay or Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas.
“Given time, I know she’ll be very good in what she’s doing, but just not right now. Probably in 2022,” she said.