Thursday, September 17, 2015

Aldub Phenom explained

Aldub is best described as "cool chick meets boy next door without the benefit of really seeing each other."

What is it with Aldub, that couple of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza as Yaya Dub, that's so special and kilig that you can't get enough of?

Admit it--they look good together, that's why. Yaya Dub, for all her wackiness, is really a beautiful lady. She registers pretty well on television. The more you look at her, the more you are pleased with what you see.

And there's this feeling deep down that you know that behind that wacky face lurks an exquisite species of an animal, a sexy one, that conquers hearts. Maine is a rare beauty. I give it her why this tandem became a smashing hit.

Think about it---where do you find such a beauty, and a Yaya at that? Everything about her I describe as deliciously interesting.

She is a natural talent, someone who knows how to use every inch of her body (not just her face) to express the desired form. Fantastic. Eat Bulaga is pretty lucky. They really have a knack of discovering rare talents. Just take a look at Yaya Dub, and decades ago, of such names as Alice Dixson and others.

Actually, the teleserye is like an initiation--you dont know what would happen next. You watch without any presumptions which allows you to be open to any eventuality. The unpredictability is another ingredient of this Aldub phenom. You thought of something and expects that to happen only to get "hit" again when something different arises.

Aldub is a delectable tease worth every second, every single day.