Sunday, October 25, 2015

2016 elections--a turning point in RP history

We have a choice come May 2016---we either turn a new leaf or stay where we are. The choice is ours, and ours alone. The stakes are very high, as high as what happened in the country in 1986. Like what happened in 1986, we are now facing a problem of succession, something which is not supposed to happen but it did, and I blame the leaders of old and the very system which we choose for ourselves as the culprit.

As we now stand, forces are moving very swiftly to control the outcome of the May 2016 elections. Foreign governments who maintain strategic interests here are themselves trying to influence people in sensitive places. They want a stooge to replace the current occupant in Malacanan. That explains why there is a noticeable manipulation of surveys and social media perception in favor of a lady who believes by a wave of her hand or by the use of a Panday sword, she would be able to defeat the forces of evil in this enslaved land. She continues to con herself into believing that she is continuing a legacy as muddled as her concept of how to solve the humonguous problem of poverty.

What she thinks really is give projects to her donor, trillion pesos, in the hopes that at least a fraction of what her donor would get would spill over the economy. Wrong.

Or, another aspirant whose interests lie in preserving the economic power and wealth of his family and his family's amigas and amigos, to continue the lopsided and oppressive rule which has attended or marked Philippine history since the treachery of De Goiti with the Maharlikas of old.

We have a choice, and we have to exercise this choice properly.

There is just three (3) things we need to consider as attributes of the leader for us:

1. The candidate should exercise independence of thinking, and is not beholden to the interests of his contributors/funders.

2. The candidate really wants the position he is aspiring for; and

3. The candidate's aspiration is GENUINE love and concern for the poor and the destitute for he once experienced it.