Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hongkongers slap RP rich by giving 90 million pesos to RP ultra poor while Globe Telecom of the Ayalas vow to narrow gender inequality

I just got word that the rich families of Hongkong have banded together and raised as much as 90 million pesos to be given to the "ultra poor" in the Philippines. That means about 40 million families.

This is a slap on the face of the 50 or so ultra wealthy families here in the Philippines who controls more than 90 percent of the wealth of this country. They can't even raise more than this amount to assist those hungry and destitute among us.

And it takes several foreigners to actually do what is necessary, even though, the money they raised is also considered as a palliative measure, but nonetheless, this is a very good gesture.

Centuries past, those from Hongkong served the palatial houses of the Philippine elite. Now, educated Filipinas take care of the children of Hongkongers, leaving their own here.

I hope the Hongkongers who gave their monies for the poor in this country would not think of turning this over to our government. For nothing good would come out of it. The DSWD will just not spend it and will just consider the amount as "savings" to be partitioned and partaken by other agencies of government, ergo, to go to the pockets of government officials.

By the way, Globe telecommunications owned by the Ayalas vowed to help government solve the gender inequality gap, by giving more Filipinas economic power.

If I'm Globe, I'll start by (1) lowering my call and text rates, even going to the extent of giving FREE TEXT SERVICES and (2) improving my web services, to the level enjoyed by other Asians and (3) giving FREE WIFI to most areas in the Philippines.

Globe should stop giving excuses and give quality services. No more intermittent signals. No more drop calls. These practices are intrinsically immoral to say the least because the user does not have the means to really determine what is a good call or not.

Globe wants to empower Filipino women, especially housewives, which is a good thing to start from. However, much as I want them to succeed, I want them to be honest.

The funds which they would allocate for their "CSR" is not even a fraction of what they earn from the monies being paid to them by millions of Filipinos. They should allocate more.

The billionaires of this country should start giving back at least a billion dollars from their bank accounts otherwise, they would come a time when they cannot be saved even by their trillions.

These billionaires or I lump them all together as the oligarchs, continue their wanton pillage of the trust of 100 million Filipinos, contributing to the deaths and destruction of several thousand families while deterring the social mobility of several millions more.

God, who hears the pleas of the poor, would do something terribly bad with these oligarchs very soon. Hey, these oligarchs are just human. Their wealth would not save them from the catastrophe God already predicted for those who worship the Mammon instead of God. May this be their last warning.