Thursday, October 15, 2015

Breaking the hold of the Oligarchic Dynasties Begins in 2016

You know the reason why we remain an impoverished nation? One, we lack the vision to do the things we want and need. And second, we allow Oligarchs to control and manage our affairs.

I am not just referring to those who dominate the economic landscape--I am also referring to those who dominate our politics and who serve the interests of Big players in the business industry. Shortly after EDSA 1, these two groups from the elite ranks have slowly merged and they are motivated by one thing--wealth protection.

The political oligarchs crafted the laws that favor the interests of their backers while the economic oligarchs created the environment which perpetuated the exact cultural conditions that favor oligarchic rule. This is repeated over and over again until the cycles reach a crisis point which happens every 15 years after 1986.

1972 was the major turning point against oligarchic rule when Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law. From 1945, when plans were created to enable the country to bounce back on its feet shortly after World War two, the lack of a visionary leadership allowed the oligarchs to dominate both the economic and political landscape so much so that I describe that period  as an era dominated by "wild oligarchs." Twenty six years of oligarchic rule contributed to the slow descent of the country towards impoverishment.

Martial rule has tamed these oligarchs when some of them were relegated to the sidelines. However, unfortunately, Marcos forgot what he wrote in the book Tadhana when he himself, transformed his family and his friends into a sultanic oligarchy. Yes, the oligarchs of old were allowed to do business yet, they were slowly made to agree with the infusion of new oligarchs close to the Power Family.

Fourteen years later, and the oligarchs of old managed to successfully wrest power from the Marcoses. With their candidate in power, they were able to wrest back their businesses from the hold of the sultanic oligarchs. Eventually, since the new dispensation failed in recalibrating History and instead just aimed to restore the very damning conditions which necessitated Strong Man rule, the environment continued its fast descent into poverty while the oligarchs managed to rise themselves from their previous condition and were able to recover what they lost for 14 years.

When Ramos replaced Cory, the domination of the Oligarchs continued. The fact is, it was during the time of Ramos when the plan for the oligarchs to enter into the business of public service began. The state infrastructure which was labourously built by Marcos was slowly dismantled. One by one, state industries were sold to the highest bidder, and who benefitted from it, but of course, the oligarchs of old. They had the funds, the monies and of course, the political clout enough to get what they want.

Joseph Estrada came into the picture, a stooge of the Chinese oligarchs. Fears that the 14 year reign of the Spanish/Peninsular/Old Oligarchs would end with the entry of Estrada who carries with him a new set of oligarchs, the conditions for a crisis were created, which eventually led to Estrada's ouster.

Estrada was ousted because he nearly blew the cover for these oligarchs. He was about to reveal how Ramos used his political power to effect a lopsided privatization program when he was ousted in a "popular revolt."

Now, in 2016, fourteen years had past after 2002 and things are again, boiling to a crisis point. Yes, for the past five years, the economy has fully recovered and has survived the global financial crisis affecting other economies. Government spending has reached the trillions of pesos and that is a lot of moolah.

What is so different from the other crisis points in the past (1944 [14], 1958 [14], 1972 [14] 1986,[16] 2002 [14], 2016) is that 2016 provides us with the opportunity, the chance, to re-calibrate Philippine direction.

Remember--in 2016, the change can actually happen either thru the polls or its failure. If we elect someone who could muster at least 30% of the votes, then, transition would be peaceful and constitutional. Now, if the polls fail, then, the transition would still be constitutional, not necessarily peaceful, yet still constitutional.

Now those who fear of a possible outbreak of violence in the 2016 polls--be comforted by the fact that even if it happens, it would not last for a month or even three weeks. Modern conflicts last only for a week or two before it normalizes.

Even if the people launch a revolution, that event would actually mimick the very conditions which precipitated EDSA 1. Since we are transitioning, it would actually be beneficial for us to hijack this polls and push for federalism.