Thursday, October 15, 2015

Duterte is the man of the Filipino Masses

Rody Duterte should realize that millions of ordinary Filipinos are banking on him to lead the country for the next six years. That this is a desperate call, a yearning if you may, by many for him to do his duty as a Citizen. Yes, Duterte as an officer of the Court, an enforcer of the law, should heed this call. Think of our times as so desperate and so like we are at war, and we are duty bound to protect and safeguard the welfare of the people against those who want nothing more than the pursuit of the economic interests of their financiers. 

Among those who are strong enough to launch a nationwide campaign, only Duterte does not have any oligarch behind him. Let us analyze these candidates one by one.

Mar Roxas is backed by Spanish mestizos, oligarchs of old, whose bloodlines go way back to the 15th century, a time when we were still being enslaved by these Spanish colonials. The fact is, Mar's class roots go way back, to the time of his ancestors who were the wealthiest Spanish families in the land. Wealth protection made his family interconnect with other wealthy families and that explains why Roxas' supporters belong to the top four billionaire families in Asia. The fact is, their wealth is estimated in the billions of DOLLARS, not merely pesos.

The Ayalas who protect and finance the presidential run of their relative, Mar Roxas, is involved in 13 MAJOR PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP PROJECTS, mostly infrastructure projects which the Aquino administration had allocated budgets close to 1.3 trillion pesos.

Contesting the Ayalas in the PPP game is San Miguel Corporation's Ramon Ang. Ang, together with the Zamora brothers, are behind the run of Senator Grace Poe-Llamanzares and Senator Chiz Escudero.

San Miguel's owners are men who believe in destiny---they think that it is their destiny to transform SMC as the biggest conglomerate not just in the Philippines but in Asia. They represent one group of the Oligarchy in the Philippines--the Chinese mestizos. SMC used to be owned by most Spanish mestizos, yet with the entry of Danding Cojuangco, who belonged to a rich Chinese mestizo family in Tarlac, it was transformed as the only company owned by a partnership between the Spanish, American (Zobel's) and Chinese (Cojuangco). I likened SMC as similar to the play and role of the United Fruit Company (UFC) which dominated even the political landscape of several South American countries in the sixties, seventies even in the 21st century.

SMC is not just a beverage company---it has expanded into several other fields, which include infrastructure development, property and real estate, manufacturing, even in telecommunications. Notice that most of their businesses are under regulation, hence, hold in government is crucial to their success in the business field.

Why do they want a Grace Poe to become president, even if they know that Poe is inexperienced, is unprepared and is really blind on the dynamics of Philippine politics? They want an uncontested monopoly of power, that is. Who'll benefit from a Poe run? You guessed right---Escudero, the long-time political stooge of Cojuangco and Ang.

Imagine if they manage to successfully get ALL PPP projects---that is a trillion peso infusion into their corporate coffers. Likewise, SMC will get the most prized possession of all---the rich TAMPAKAN MINES IN COTABATO which SMC has been salivating since it was discovered during the period of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

How about Vice mayor Jejomar Binay? Any Big Business interests backing his campaign? Yes, he has his, yet these people belonged to the nationalist bourgeoisie and we may be safe if Binay wins.

This is similar to Duterte. He does not have any big business interests backing him which is okey, since it is already proven in several elections that underdogs like him stands a chance of winning. Because inspite of the vast economic power being wielded by these oligarchs, in a fair elections, such popular candidates do stand a chance against heavily organized ones.

Look at how Fidel Valdez Ramos was able to snatch the presidency away from a Mitra and a Cojuangco in 1992, or how a Benigno Aquino was able to win inspite of the billions spent by a Villar. This may happen in 2016.