Thursday, October 22, 2015

Infirms running for the presidency--symptoms of the lack of a succession plan

Look at the list of those running for the presidency--they all are, in one way or another, carry infirmities.

One is infirm in terms of leadership qualities--something very material when one wants to be a president. Imagine, spending most of his life in public service yet showing nothing to credit himself for. He believes this present president owes him something dear--the failure of his dream. Unlike his predecessor, this guy is fit for a desk job in some bank, but because of the dreams of his mother, he continues to spend his time and energy going around the country and convincing people that he has what it takes to become president.

The problem really is he simply does not have "it".

Another is infirm allegedly in ethics and morals while one is infirm both mentally and physically. This candidate wants us to believe that she has licked cancer in just a few months? Stage 4 cancer? The chance of survival for stage 4 cancer is 20% Besides, treatment of such a disease does not end. Likewise, cancer is a recurring illness. Will we bet our very future to a sick president? Remember that stress causes the recurrence of cancer. The presidency is a stressful job. I don't want to be blamed by this candidate's family the minute she dies while in office.

And who will succeed her, if ever? Those running for the vice presidential posts are young leaders but with infirmities or questionable qualities as well. One is a stooge of Big Business and a woman beater plus drunkard. He transforms into a veritable monster the minute he finishes a whisky drink. That's why his wife left him---he goes home very early in the morning and failed as a father for many years. His wife right now is back into the arms of her former boyfriend. The guy just married this prized showbiz catch who probably agreed to marry because her mind is in a state of confusion. Her parents did not agree with her first love, and that led her to  jump from one relationship unto another until she found this guy who was likewise in a recovery mode.

And do you think that this candidate's fellow candidates do not have questionable attributes as well? They all have.

One candidate, brilliant like his father, but suffers from "takusa" or "takot sa asawa". Just like his father, this candidate is being controlled by his wife and "big" sister. The "big" sister just found herself being vilified online for her masterful re-creation of her figure and face. While the wife turns violent the minute she finishes just one shot of tequila.

It is okay if the candidate controls his wife--but he just can't. Like a dutiful young brother, this candidate just nods and forgets his previous commitments--the very same illness that led to the fall of his family.

Forgetfulness---that's one thing that led to the downfall of Giants. Politicians are like ogres--they have one eye and sees only what they want to see.

Another candidate suffers from megalomania. He believes he is the guy who can change everything. Just because some global brands decided to build their regional headquarters in that medium-sized financial district which he did not actually create himself, but benefits from it due to the close proximity of his small town to it.

His campaign team always suffer from his dictatorial outbursts. That explains the exodus of young people from his office. He is a pariah when he was still a young student. Now that he already outclassed his contemporaries in the political scene, he believes he has what it takes to dictate his views with the rest of society. This person has dictatorial tendencies but none of the inate qualities of a strong-willed person. This person wilts in an instant. By the way, this candidate is also a stooge of Big Business, the very same guys who support the previous one.

I will not anymore write about the "partner in crime" of this candidate who is also running for the vice presidency. Just ask him one question and tape his answer---that will definitely show you how shallow this person is. He only knows what he wants to know.

So now, we are faced with this dilemma---a thing which every single one of us should be concerned about. We are a fast rising star in this side of the world, but if our politics still sucks and is still backward, these economic gains would amount to nothing, zilch.