Thursday, October 22, 2015

Informs running for the presidency--chapter 2

I forgot to write about the other presidentiables. Lemme see...

If one candidate is a mama's boy, a long-time government official with nothing to show to the people and his biggest opponent is an accused thief who feels it is okay if his lawyer friends call him " mr. launderer," I will still go for the latter for one simple reason---his accusers are equally guilty of dipping their fingers into public funds. Sometimes, it is highly questionable for me to believe a thief who fingers another. I mean come on--a person will always protect himself against persecution.

The infirmities of these two dwarfs that of the next candidate who really thinks she is the Joan of Arc ready to save the Republic from ruin. This candidate is reportedly so engrossed with her megalomania that she is now acting as if she is already president--ordering everyone around, and even severely beating the maids and maidservants of her friends and relatives. As one relative says, " hindi pa nga presidente, akala mo si Macoy umasta".

She vehemently denies being a product of an illicit relationship between a former president and a once young and popular teeny bopper, yet, acts like the former president. Yes, I believe she is not the daughter of these two rumored fated couple but the way she acts, reminds one of a Hitler or a Macoy.

What qualities does she have that distinguishes her from the others? There's one---she is definitely of foreign blood, probably Spanish. She says she looks like a Filipina because of her nose but just look at her fine skin, freckled in some areas. One tale says she is the daughter of a guy belonging to the BUENA familia who fell in lust with his maid. In order to avoid public scrutiny, the maid decided to give her baby to then Cardinal Jaime Sin who then gave it to a rich spinster, who incidentally, was a friend of a showbiz couple.

Her infirmity is more than skin-deep, though. It is her heart. She mouths popular Pinoy's issues,  but the question really is, does she really understands these concerns? No. Every single question about how these concerns came about to her results to dismal answers, all of them, motherhood statements. She probably believes that it is more than enough for her to memorize Q&A's, the very same thing showbiz people do when making movies.

She always said,  she will continue the fight of her father. The only question really is--what is this damned fight she is always referring to when addressing the adoring crowds? Is that the one which involves Lizardo and the Panday? What series? Or is this the one that again, involved Paquito Diaz versus Cardo in Ang Probinsyano?

One line which she always say, the fact is, she says this over and over again---she wants to continue the legacy of her father. Again, was she referring to the films and movies her father did when he was still alive? Or the legacy left by her father in the showbiz world. Didn't the nation already show its appreciation when her father was adjudged one of the most outstanding thespians this country ever produced? Her father did not even served as barangay tanod. Probably she thinks that the post she is campaigning for is the president of MOWELFUND? Yeah, maybe she is mesmerized and probably hypnotized by her mentor, the drunkard running for vice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Malicious tongues say they are afraid of her winning the presidency because, in the end, her bosom friend will control and ascend the presidency together with his best friends, one of them happens to be involved in several Public-Private partnerships. That is likely to happen because right at this very moment, this person is being controlled by her partner. If he can do that to her now, what will prevent him from doing the same thing the minute she wins all these? I dread the very day this happens.

What is making me extremely jittery is the fact that she was part of a plan to skirt the law on Filipino naturalization. I saw her papers---and these were all damned fixed just to satisfy the requirements for a senatorial run. If she okeyed that, what would prevent her from of doing the same thing (meaning forgery) inside those walls called Malacanan?