Thursday, October 1, 2015

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano throws hat unto VP ring

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano was in Davao when he announced his candidacy for the vice presidency. Many people thought that Cayetano was waiting for someone possibly mayor Rody Duterte who was, unfortunately, was not around to welcome the anak araw Senator. Duterte, sources say, was actively coordinating with security agencies on how to solve the kidnapping of foreigners right near his very own backyard.

Seems like there is someone who wants to see for himself how "tough" Duterte really is.  The Davao mayor likes tough talk, but can he really walk the tough talk? Let us see here.

I am highly suspicious of the timing of this kidnapping. Seems like it is more political than criminal. Political in the sense that the kidnapping happened one month and a half before the arrival of APEC leaders here in the Philippines. Kidnapping of foreigners have been on-going in Mindanao for several years now, and this is entirely not a recent phenomenon. The question really is--why was it that media covered this entirely and why all the hoopla?

Anyway, let's discuss that in another time, since I still have to gather additional information about this  thru my sources.

Cayetano, who is a member of the Nacionalista Party, probably thinks he can beat Chiz Escudero, anytime of the day, and I agree with him except that he is not a darling of the masses himself. If Escudero is, as they say, bull-headed, boastful and full of crap, same thing about Cayetano.

Nothing wrong with being ambitious and all, but one has to be objective, at least.