Sunday, September 27, 2015

Grace Poe Friends Treated Her Cousin Sherly Cruz "like it was martial law"

I watched the interview of Sherly Cruz, the last person you"'ll expect to say something against Grace Poe. Cruz and Poe are cousins. The fact is, urban legends say, they are "sisters" because malicious tongues say, Poe is reportedly the product of a tryst between former president Ferdie Marcos and Rosemary Sonora mother of Sherly Cruz.

This legend has gone the rounds for over fifty years, and it persists because there is simply no resolution. On the part of Cruz, according to her interview, this is simply malicious talk. Sherly does not accept this because it is highly incredible, and she knows that there were only three kids which her mother sired and she is the true daughter of the highly respected actress, Rosemary Sonora-Belmonte.

But, how can you not suspect and probably believe this urban legend when the very friends of Grace Poe, reputedly one of her financiers, have tried very hard to pressure Sherly to retract her earlier statement in a newspaper (ManilaStandardToday) saying that she does not agree with Poe running for the presidency.

Sheryl describes her cousin as "unprepared" since for her, running for the highest post requires the highest preparations. Do you see anything bad about this statement? I didn't see anything wrong about it.

The fact is, Sherly is just stating a fact. However, many of our people are pretending that this is not so, that Grace Poe is a "great Leader". Okay, if Grace is a leader, tell me just one project which she handled that improved our lives, then, I'll keep my peace.

Grace Poe daw is not corrupt. Okey. What is the possibility that the post will not corrupt her, when, this early, Poe and her friends have shown how they reward "traitors" like Sheryl Cruz.

Imagine, according to Cruz, her talent manager was pressured to drop her by Tony Tuvera, a producer and financier of Poe. Worse, she was reportedly threatened by June Rufino and Dolor Guevarra that she'll lose future projects if she refused to retract her statement of non-support?

Ngayon pa lang, Grace Poe is flexing her muscles as a Dictator, or at the very least, her friends are acting as if they own the Philippines already--that they can dictate what every Filipino should and should not think about Poe.

They fear kasi that the public will really see who Grace Poe really is--and they are deathly afraid. Well, that's the risk that I am saying here since the very start---Poe is a satyr, and there are many things that she is not telling us, and those are risks.

Why is she rushing things? What is so important about 2016? She has a full six years infront of her, and she can still do wonderful things and complete her senatorial record in an excellent way.