Thursday, November 5, 2015

On Grace Poe's DQ case defense--a lost cause

" Grace Poe-Llamanzares, mabigat dalhin," shares one of my friends, a financier of the presumptuous presidential candidate, Grace Natividad Militar a.k.a. Grace Poe-Llamanzares. Uncertainty now clouds Grace Poe's presidential campaign. And her PR handlers are working overtime just so the public does not realize this.

Don't underestimate the Filipino voter. Don't even mock us. Everyone knows of Poe-Llamanzares' predicament, and what her PR handlers do not know is that the complexion of this campaign has already changed. Yes, it is now a sticky issue. And it would stick to her until the very end. 

It is just a waste of time spending time for her demise---Grace Poe-Llamanzares' defense is a lost cause. She is now becoming a very threat to her own viability as a candidate. Because the more she defends herself, the more she exposes herself for nasty comments. 

One thing--Grace Poe-Llamanzares, in previous months, tried very hard to convince us that everything is fine, and her defense is strong because she will present DNA evidence of her being a Filipino. Now, this defense has crumbled. 

Grace Poe-Llamanzares just admitted it in the DZMM interview that the efforts of her legal team for her to submit a DNA evidence to finally resolve the disqualification cases against her, turned out to be "negative." What the Poe camp is trying to tell us is that Poe is abandoning the submission of a DNA report to buttress her claim that she is a natural-born Filipino citizen.

So now, after several weeks of her election lawyer, George Garcia, going around town announcing that they are CONFIDENT that that DNA report would put to rest questions about her true status, here comes the principal dousing water off Garcia's propaganda, and telling everyone that they are not submitting any DNA report afterall.

That explains why her legal team is now employing dilatory tactics, because they now recognize that they have a weak case. Is Grace Poe-Llamanzares laying the ground work for her eventual pullout of the race?

I pity Grace Poe. She does not realize that she is now slowly being dragged down by this case. Of course, her handlers especially those who handle her PR, are trying very hard to soften the blow, and project a brave front for Grace, but Grace Poe herself, if you listen to her voice, seems resigned to her eventual loss. 

The fact is, Poe-Llamanzares' PR handlers are just wasting her monies because the other camp, the camp of Lito David, I heard, is not even paying media and is not even campaigning against her. David's camp does not have money, plain and simple, for a costly media war. Yet, David is winning.

The reason really is simple---David's camp is just waiting for the death knell which he expects to happen very soon. Why kick a dead horse? Or why even lift a finger against someone whose fates have already been decided by the gods? The strength of David's arguments have stuck, like sticky rice, in the palate of our justices, and no amount of propaganda is enough to erase this.

Grace Poe and her friends do not realize that her entire life, not just her political front, is at stake here. Sometimes, Poe-Llamanzares is still adamant that her case is similar to the case encountered by her father, FPJ. That is crap.

FPJ's case is a simple citizenship issue, while hers is all about her true status as a "natural-born" Filipino citizen, a requirement by the 1987 Constitution for those who want to run as president. Mrs. Llamanzares wants to project that she is being bullied by the same man (Justice Antonio Carpio) who previously issued a contrary opinion regarding FPJ's citizenship case. This is again, crap.

As they say, those whom the gods wanted destroyed, they first make them crazy.

For the benefit of Grace Poe-Llamanzares, she should wake up from all these fantasy, and assess her situation before it is too late.

Is Grace Poe-Llamanzares prepared to lose EVERYTHING, every single thing she had worked for all these years? Are her financiers ready to also lose theirs?

What her lawyers are hoping for is to drag this case up to May when they will just pray for a win, a miracle win, perhaps to erase these cases from the courts.

Lawyer Macalintal and George Garcia already publicly announced their strategy on how to extricate Grace Poe-Llamanzares from this legal rut---wait for the elections. If she wins, she will definitely file a manifestation asking these courts to erase all these charges because the people have already spoken. That is a fat chance.

Or should I say, a very presumptuous and costly, gamble.