Thursday, November 5, 2015

On Tanim Bala Controversy--Secretary Abala err Abaya blames media

Inspite of confirmed cases involving certain airport personnel involved in the crime of planting evidence against innocent or unknowing passengers, Secretary Emilio Abala, err, Abaya brushes this aside and employs the age-old tactic of blaming others to hide the indiscretions of his men.

I expected this from Abala. Really. Just like how he reacted on the movie "Heneral Luna" where his ancestor, Emilio Aguinaldo was blamed for the death of a patriot, Abala, err Abaya tries to convince us that airport operations are  "business as usual" and "nothing out of the ordinary" happens there every single day.

Aba(l)ya wanted us to believe the yarn that those people victimized by this vicious airport scheme are "small and isolated", and no one among his men are involved.

Others, well, even thinks that this controversy is a contrived one and meant to humiliate the Aquino administration days away from the APEC event. Ask Pnoy's chuwariwah online team like Leah Navarro who tried very hard to convince us that there is a sinister shadow behind this issue.

Why is it so hard for this administration to do the right thing? The right thing really is to conduct an investigation and give the public the results free from political influence. It is as simple as that. Why even fight those who exposed this crime? Is this administration trying to tell us to just sweep this thing under the rug?