Monday, November 16, 2015

On ISIS attacks: Third World War in the offing?

Is a 3rd World War possible in the near future? Will we see an outbreak of religious sectarian violence happening all across the globe? And will it be ISIS, a global terror network and the non-Islamic states?

Yes, there is a strong possibility of a third world war; however, I do not believe that peoples around the world would actually fight due to religious bigotry, oh no. The era where Christians fought the Muslims would never repeat itself again because religious passions are not as high to justify people killing other people just in the name of religion.

A global war is sure to come because the entire global capitalist system is encountering a crisis. And this crisis happens in cycles independent of economic laws.

Capitalism is encountering a metastasis of crises due to overproduction. The world is producing so much surplus and with it surplus labor. Unemployment continues to rise, leading to a lower state of life among billions of families around the world. Instead of creating a situation where wealth is evenly distributed amongst the people, what is happening is a more intense concentration of wealth and control of resources by a few families and individuals now managing multinational corporations.

The situation now is there is a fast rising diminution of natural resources, made worse by global warming. As resources dwindle, states scamper to look for it in very limited space, leading to a rise in prices of goods and commodities produced.

Apologists of capitalism tried to find solutions through globalization. By expanding markets, capitalists hope to cure the problem of overproduction. What happens is the speed of production does not correlate with the speed of distribution, leading to an endless stockpile of useless goods all around the globe. Over accumulation of surplus translates to massive surplus values, leading to losses both in labor and capital.

Hence, crises in falling profits happen as a direct consequence of over-production. Symptoms of this global crisis are now being felt by industrialised countries. And the solution? Wars.

In the past, how the world resolved this contradiction between over-accumulation and the lack of markets is simply conflicts between and among countries. It is not because the world is entering a period when production simply cannot meet demand--what we are entering into is a phase of over production with lesser capacity to consume due to the consequence of lower wages. In the past, there was never a problem such as this because people create products upon need or necessity. With the advent of capitalism, especially monopoly capitalism, over production is a natural feature of capitalism because of the desire to convert capital into fantabulous profits.

With more countries being left behind, what occurs is the creation of such groups as ISIS. ISIS feeds on the exploitation and the suffering of people living in underdeveloped countries and even industrialised ones encountering a financial crisis.

What ISIS represents and probably is fighting for is a change in the mode of production. The group is waging wars and occupying states mainly motivated by controlling the means of production of those states and change the mode of production. Meaning, ISIS is not fighting as a religious group--it is assuming a revolutionary character motivated by the belief that Islam, which is a way of life, is not compatible with and cannot exist  under a capitalist mode of production.

Which means, if a third world war does break out, it will do so because the cyclical character of crises in every capitalist system continues to produce massive contradictions between productive forces and the few monopoly capitalists which can only be resolved thru armed conflict and loss of millions of lives.