Sunday, November 15, 2015

Terrorism Not the Way of Islam

Pope Francis and the rest of the world were shocked when terrorists hit at seven points in the City of Paris, killing in the process several people and injuring hundreds. The terror group, ISIS, has claimed responsibility.

This act of ISIS is condemnable because it targets innocents, people who are themselves, victims of a vicious system called Capitalism. The Noble Qu'ran is replete with Surahs which prohibit the killing of the innocents. It violates the basic and fundamental belief that all life is from Allah SWT, and only Allah SWT has the right to take it, based on Allah's WILL alone.

Such terror acts are not encouraged by the True Believers of Islam because it is clear from the teachings of ALLAH SWT thru the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that Mujaheddins or the True and Pious Believers conform to a strict Code of Discipline and even in those times of the Prophet, no one takes his own life in furtherance of Islam. Likewise, armed engagement is only between the Pious and the Unbelievers, yet, even the time of engagement and the place of engagement are always determined by both camps, not this when attacks are at random and undertaken with stealth.

There is no justification on terrorism. Besides, what the Noble Qu'ran actually promotes is the conversion of souls, from unbelief to worship of the One True God. How then can ISIS be consistent with Islam when it promotes an alternative mode of struggle, a mode that is definitely different from the ones prescribed by ALLAH SWT thru the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Anyway, let these people or those who support and believe ISIS be illuminated by the knowledge that what they are doing are contrary to the teachings of Islam.

Due to the overzealousness of those who want nothing but hasten the Day of Judgement, these things occur. Do they not realize that their acts show not adherence to Faith, but, impatience and a thinking that betrays their confessions of strong faith with ALLAH SWT?

The Day of Judgement will come. It is not a promise but a certainty. According to the Noble Qu'ran, it is ALLAH SWT servant Who will descend from the heavens and lead the Pious to conquer the unbelievers and those who trample Islam. Those who do terror acts do it because they are impatient. Impatience show unbelief in the Qu'ran. When you hold full faith in the correctness of Islam as the religion of the One True God, what you'll do is not kill some innocents out there---you propagate the Message so that others may embrace Islam and themselves, be saved from eternal damnation. Is this not the main Message and the main duty of every believer?