Thursday, November 26, 2015

Why many people love to see Rody Duterte as President--and why Karen Davila makes a face

I remember Karen Davila doing a face when she remembered Rody Duterte admitting to her that he already killed several people, mostly criminals. Duterte is a petty government official. And like what happened to former Puerto Princesa Mayor Hagedorn, Duterte is enjoying nation-wide popularity because of what he did in Davao.

I don't blame Davila for making a face when she heard what Duterte said. Davila represents a small segment of the population with a perfumed view about their own country. They think this country is a mini reproduction of the United States, with all its Iberian trimmings. Like some people I know, the Philippines to them is created to remind them of California or New York--that explains why several sections of Metro Manila particularly those with malls, look at least like Sunset boulevard or a poor section of Main avenue.

But hard as we try to re-create the US in our communities, the funny thing is there is at least one or two things that sprout out that shows us where we really are---we live in an Asian country with its fine share of Asian capitalist problems. What is most constant really is--everywhere you go, you actually see the ugly face of poverty staring right through you---a permanent fixture, so to speak, of this system of over accumulation, of over production.

And where poverty exists, other societal problems seem to follow it like prostitution, petty thievery and of course, drug addiction. Like viruses, these problems spread like crazy and affects even ordinary citizens and their families.

But of course, Davila does not see how LA cops deal with both petty and hardened criminals. She does not read tabloids, for it does not feel like velvet to the touch, the way a Metro or a Forbes mag does. She loves the Don Johnson types and avoids seeing the likes of a Dirty Harry or a Magnum P.I.

This is exactly the problem why the likes of a Duterte is an unacceptable candidate for people like Davila and why 36 or even as high as 45% of voters love to go to the polls right now and shade the circle opposite the Davaoeno's name on it. What Davila types like are those who promise us nothing

Davila sees things in the comforts of her high rise condo, and does not feel the daily struggles of people especially those in Davao who not just see, hear and even touch the slimmy sludge of capitalist-bred crime and poverty---sometimes, they even drink it.

Ordinary people are being victimized by the very system which promises to give them safety and a good life. And when crime becomes a part of your life, forced upon you by the socio-economic circumstance you find yourself in, and even if you're just an innocent victim, you can't avoid not liking a Duterte who has the wherewithal standing up against these parasites that feed upon the excesses of the system.

For many, Duterte is an exception to the general impression of local politicians themselves involved or dip their hands unto the brewing crime pot. That explains why Duterte is assuming a near mythical status as we speak because he lives a life contrary to the perfumed ways of Davila's friends.

Why do we need a Duterte in this day and age? Duterte is a fine counterforce against these Oligarchs who continually trample our rights and rob us of our monies. Time to tame these abusive Oligarchs.